Marketplaces 2019 by Fabrice Grinda

Alex Zaretsky
2 min readMay 7, 2020


Очень интересное выступление от известного бизнес-ангела и предпринимателя Fabrice Grinda.

Marketplace investments by Fabrice

Всем кого интересуют маркетплейсы рекомендую к просмотру:

Вот ссылка на слайды:

Интересные тезисы, которые меня зацепили:

  1. Strong CEO-Founder = combination of

a) great storyteller, b) numbers driven (analytical), c) tenacity & grit, d) passionate

2. 3 key trends in marketplaces

a) verticalization of horizontals:
Example: is horizontal of finding a service provider for any need, Skyeng is verticalization for a need of learning English.

b) from double commit to the marketplace pick
Usually, the biggest hurdle to the consumer is the vetting process of a suitable service provider. The “new” marketplaces will pick the right provider for the consumer.
Examples: Uber — we don’t need to pick the driver ourselves.

c) B2B marketplaces — B2B just in the beginning of digitization era thus lots of opportunities in the unsexiest segments.
Why now? Because Millenials are replacing the older generation management of these old-fashioned companies.

Example: Flexport — freighting and shipping goods

3. Relatively small niches are OK as long as Unit Economics work

Some niches might seem too small for building a marketplace but if you solve the problem really well and UE works you can build great profitable companies making 100s mln GMV. (as long as TAM is 1B+USD)
Fabrice’s UE rules of thumb:
- CAC is recouped in 6 months
- 3x CAC — within 18 months

4. Vertical marketplaces can have CAC = 0 if they create enough value to the service providers who are willing to pay take rate while servicing their own customers.

Example: Slice — a one-stop-shop for small pizzeria tech and marketing.
Pizzeria can focus on what they love and understand the best — making pizza. Everything else is done by Slice. So, pizzerias have enough incentive to promote the app to their own customers.

5. Supply-side first
Start growing your new marketplace with the supply-side because the suppliers are more willing to try if they hope to make more money.
- Curate well — don’t add everything that is out there.
- Start local and expand after you nailed the UE on a small scale.
- The demand side is usually more tricky to crack (the traffic is expensive today) so create really great user experience.

Для тех кто хочет еще глубже, тут часовая беседа на туже тему: